Turf & Landscape

Fire ant control, turf & ornamental care, pruning & cleanup, lawn maintenance

Our comprehensive landscape management will improve and maintain the beauty, safety and longevity of your exterior investment. Our certified staff and qualified crews will maintain your property with the proper treatments at the right times taking the guesswork out of keeping your lawn beautiful and freeing you up for other activities.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance involves weekly/bi-weekly maintenance visits to residential customers. Services are year round and include regular mowing, edging, string trimming, leaf removal and blowing off of hard surfaces.

Turf Care

Our turf care program is throughout the year and includes turf fertilization, broadleaf weed control & lime, as well as crab grass pre-emergent’s. Our integrated pest management program works to encourage a healthy lush turf throughout the year.


We have gardening crews that help prune and clean-up overgrown areas. Each fall we also have multiple teams set up to help assist in fall leaf removal.

Core Aeration/Over Seeding

Between the region’s hot summers and cool winters, not to mention clay soils, core aeration & overseeding is a must for cool season lawns. In this region the ideal time to Overseed fescue turf is in September/October. For more troubled properties we also have full turf renovation options as available. For those who have warm season grasses such as Bermuda/Zoysia/Centipede, we are also able to Core Aerate, Sprig, & Sod those grasses as well.

Stump Grinding

Whether it’s the one-hundred year old hardwood stump, or small shrubs that have continual shoots of new growth coming from the stump, we can help remove this to enhance your yard. We also have smaller equipment that can fit most residential needs and squeeze into hard to get to places.


Floriculture is the process of adding seasonal annuals to increase the beauty of your landscape. Typically our floriculture program is twice a year to add color for summer and winter. Specialized programs can be set up on an as needed basis.

Landscape Design

Whether it’s a small bed renovation or a large six figure landscape project, our landscape design team brings over thirty years experience to Grayson South. We specialize in residential projects bringing all facets of the landscape together, from beautiful design, irrigation & lighting, we thrive in designing a special landscape to fit your needs and desires.

Ornamental Care

Our ornamental program includes regular treatment of trees and shrubs to help minimize problems such as mites, scale, black spot, and other unwanted pests and diseases. We also have a tree banding crew that helps to minimize the canker worm problem.

Fire Ant Control

Fire Ants are becoming more and more of a problem in the region. Our annual Fire Ant Control gives coverage for twelve full months.

Mosquito control