• Cool Season vs. Warm Season Grass Prepping for Winter

    Late fall is the best time to prepare your lawn for the coming winter, and give it a great boost for next spring.  But where do you start? That can depend on where you live and what kind of grass you grow. Cool season grasses and warm season grasses each require their own special treatment, according to The Lawn Institute. Correctly identifying your grass and prepping it in a timely manner is key to nurturing a ...

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  • Fall Clean-Up: Leaves

    You know autumn is here when the evenings grow cooler and the leaves began to change from green to a dazzling array of colors. Then they begin to fall. That's when you reach for the rake. But there are other alternatives if you don't relish that task. Grayson South can be part of your fall clean-up plan, or maybe you want to consider these other options instead along with some suggestions on ways to recycle ...

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  • Featured Client: The Laires

    "We have tried everything ourselves, and have used numerous reputable landscape companies in town to help us get our grass healthy, lush, and green. None of which worked. Grayson South Landscape & Irrigation came out, told us what they were going to do, implemented it very quickly and we saw amazing results in a very short period of time.  We are so happy with our "new" lawn and garden areas.  Grayson South has created a ...

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  • Grayson South helps maintain Arlington National Cemetery

    Grayson South, in conjunction with the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), the national trade association for landscape and lawn care industry professionals, participates in Renewal & Remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery each July. Hundreds of landscape and lawn care professionals from across the nation bring their crews to Arlington National Cemetery to spend the day mulching, upgrading sprinklers, cabling and installing lightning protection for trees, pruning, planting, liming, and aerating the soil.

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  • Fall Garden Cleanup

    Tidy your garden for fall and winter before the first frost to keep it comely even after the growing ends. Growing season is winding down, but your garden still needs your love. Spent vines, stubborn weeds, greens gone to seed are making your garden look sloppy and tired. Here are some fall vegetable garden cleanup tips. Bury the dead Nothing looks sadder than leggy tomato vines, yellow zucchini leaves, and dried-up perennials that long ago displayed their last bloom. So ...

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